from Megan in Brisbane, Australia: how will you remember this time?

April 17. Living history. There have some excellent posts recently which have made for interesting and informative reading. The historical background to life in East Africa has been fascinating, and the interest evoked in the soon-to-be released : A History of Solitude. 

History as a definition has created many and varied responses over time. The website below gives some of these definitions :

We, in fact, are living through history (#Greater Purpose). We may feel stuck at home, bored or lacking the energy or creativity to do something meaningful, but in years to come, our grandchildren will learn about the time of Covid19. They will hear of a time when the air was unpolluted for a short time, when dolphins swam in the canals of Venice and when aeroplanes didn’t flock the skies. They will learn of the biggest contribution that people could make to this history – and that is staying at home.  

How will you remember this time?