from Shannon in Seattle: A vet visit

Beezle is a daschund. He needs to visit the vet this week so we signed up for an appointment.

We received a text reminder to text from outside and be prepared to check in at the door. Owners cannot come in with the pet. They take credit card at dropoff to limit contacts.

The vet will zoom or phone when s/he is examining your pet.

Beezle hates this idea. He wants to leave now.

from Shannon in Seattle, WA: the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.

Capital Hill, Seattle

My 13 year old son, Wren, and I made a visit to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle,WA. It was both inspiring and peaceful with a festival + BLM protest + collectivist atmosphere. We wore masks as did most people. Groups of people sat at good distance in the park ( there were dense crowds in places). People seemed happy and supportive, just walking about.

The carport door to the East Precinct police station
social distancing taking place in Cal Anderson Park

From Shannon in Seattle: A visit to the doctor.

Until recently we have been very good.  My car has sat there, and I have read articles about the danger of RATS living in the engine. I’ve shopped infrequently, used delivery services and wiped down delivered groceries.  Then, over the weekend, my son developed an abscess on his ear.

This was a problem because nobody goes to the doctor if you don’t have COVID-19.

I mean, the stats show that people aren’t even having heart attacks anymore, nor strokes.  It’s a miracle how we don’t need doctors except for Coronavirus issues.  Anyway, due to this conception of medical facilities in meltdown and contagion, I didn’t want to take him TO the doctor, especially not an Emergency Room where all the really sick COVID19 people would be.

So we called Telehealth.  This wasn’t easy because he’s just 18 and barely has a doctor.  We tried three services before finding the parent practice of the college health service had a Telemedicine appointment on Sundays.

The doctor was an Italian African.  He was very efficient.  We sent a photo of the abscess.  He asked if he had a fever.  Then wrote a prescription for an antibiotic and told him to see a doctor next week. It took 2 minutes.

We got an appointment at the University Health Clinic on Monday afternoon. It was not the pit of infection I expected.  It looked like this.


They gave us a health screening before we entered the building, and then let us go into a nice socially distant waiting area, wearing masks.

Frost received more attention than usual although the appointment did not allow us to keep a 6 foot distance due to the small exam room, necessity of expelling pus from the boil and the fact my mask had a structural failure (and was put on inside out).

Afterwards, we walked through campus. It was beautiful and empty.  The only people there were a few runners and skateboarders.  The Rhododendrons are in full bloom. I might come here and walk the dog later in the week.

This is the famous Quad, known for spring cherry blossoms
The empty paths usually full of students in Spring quarter.
A quiet glad with a monument to Grieg.