from Brenda in Hove, UK: Wills and Powers of Attorney in the time of Covid-19

April 10. It is not a simple matter to draw up a will and get it signed when ‘social distancing’ requires not being within two metres of anybody. We got through the first hurdle and met with a lawyer via Skype and he sent the documentation. Thankfully, the postal system is still working – because our printer is not.

The wills have to be witnessed by people who are prepared to attest to the fact that not only  is it you who is actually signing but that you are in sound mind while doing so. We thought this might put a bit of a strain on neighbours who have only recently met us. How would they know? The word “eccentric” at the very least must have crossed their minds in the last few months.

We have a friend who lives nearby and has already recovered from Covid. Perfect. She could hire herself out! We met in the park which we overlook and which has a few convenient tables. I brought surgical gloves and we all brought our own black pens. This is not a matter for amateurs. What followed was like a synchronised dance. James and I moved in to sign the wills (one page each, mind; bare minimum and simple as could be) – and moved back. Our friends each moved in to sign – and moved back. James and I moved in to sign the PDAs and moved back – and they each moved in to sign – and moved back. We did draw some curious glances from passers-by and I was more than ready to deal with anyone who might emerge from the police car cruising around.

Done and dusted! We can rest easy. Just have to pay nearly £1000 for the pleasure.