From Steph in London: Sartorial Elegance

Steph is a retired educationalist who has lived and worked in London since the 70’s

16 November.

Not sure whether to believe the hype around the proposed vaccine. Having watched Tigger Hancock talk about world beating and game changing ad nauseam I will believe it when I get the call from the doctor to go and get it…..

Then what? Do we have to wait until every adult we know has had  it or can we go out untouchable and safe for others? And – going out means wearing something acceptable……

My mother always had make-up on, friends vary from the smart casual to the ‘whatever’ schools of elegance….whilst in these bizarre times it’s interesting to see what we are all wearing….

Work uniforms out of the window, going out clothes firmly in the wardrobes, comfortable shoes aplenty. There has been an easiness about wearing jeans, sweaters and trainers day after day. Even meeting on Zoom has seen a relaxation in styles- and yet the world has continued to go round despite the lack of cashmere and hand-made shoes…

If the downside is that we don’t necessarily look at our best the good news is that the environment must be in better shape because detergent use must be far less.

I haven’t opened my wardrobe  for weeks and the only decision I have to make is which jumper to wear – all very casual and no best clothes in sight! It’s comfortable and soothing not to have to think what to wear. However, to my horror I caught myself thinking that a pair of track suit bottoms would be even easier…’s been too long!

15 years ago we were in Hong Kong and went for a weekend to the island of Sanya not knowing that the Miss World competition was taking place in the hotel. We arrived  to be surrounded by a hundred beautiful young women and their very fierce minders. We watched with fascination as they were put through their paces, doing various competitions, games and modelling uber chic clothes.

The interesting thing was that although we saw them all bedecked in formal attire, smart casual and many bikinis, they all looked more beautiful  when they had  clothes on than when they were scantily attired.

On that note I’m going to order a new outfit for Xmas – got to look my best for splendid isolation…