from Megan in Brisbane, Australia: what an action packed musical weekend!

On Saturday afternoon, I watched”Phantom of the Opera” on YouTube. Andrew Lloyd Webber has made his musicals available for viewing during this isolation time. He started on 3 April with “Joseph and the amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”; “Jesus Christ Superstar was on 10 April; and “Phantom…” on 17 April.

The announcement of the musical is made on the Friday, and it is available for watching for 48 hours. It was two hours of enchantment. At the end of the show, Lloyd Webber came onto the stage to make the acknowledgements. Very generous in his praise of all the people who bring his shows to life. A real treat was Sarah Brightmann coming onto the stage and singing one of the songs. All together, a wonderful afternoon.

I had told my children about this weekly treasure that Andrew Lloyd Webber is sharing with us, and on Sunday they marshalled their children to watch the performance.  

Afterwards, my youngest grandchild of six dug out a recorder and got his father to record him playing the instrument by creating notes with the exhaled breath from his nose. After his performance, he took a bow. 

 I wonder what the 24 April holds in store. And what might follow from one of the inspired grandchildren. 

Then there was the One World Together at Home concert on Saturday with a great number of performers sharing their talents with us – again, a great opportunity to see them perform. Lady Gaga was marvellous, as was Tom Jones, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, and more.

I continued with the musical theme. On Sunday, I started reading a book called “The Music Shop”by Rachel Joyce. The book comes with a play list which has the songs and music referred to in the book. So each time a piece is mentioned, I play it before I move on. I have had the pleasure of listening to music I would otherwise not have done, as my preferences in music have not stretched that far. So far, I have listened to Miles Davis, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, and some familiar Bach and Beethoven. I have now started “Tosca”, which may take me a while.  It’s a very rewarding and interactive experience. And the story is not too bad.

The Cambridge English dictionary defines a cultured person as having “…had a good education, and knowing a lot about art, music, literature etc”.

I think I may have my foot on the ladder.