From David Vincent in Shrewsbury, UK: Zuckerberg repents

Zuckerberg. Not yet Bill Gates

February 9. I wrote in my post of February 6 (‘Going to the Races’), that “it is a fantasy to suppose
that the main digital platforms are going to deny themselves the advertising revenue generated by
alternative covid cures any time soon.”

Evidently Zuckerberg read my words and was shamed.

Today he announced that:

“we are expanding our efforts to remove false claims on Facebook and Instagram about COVID-19,
COVID-19 vaccines and vaccines in general during the pandemic. Since December, we’ve removed
false claims about COVID-19 vaccines that have been debunked by public health experts. Today,
following consultations with leading health organizations, including the World Health Organization
(WHO), we are expanding the list of false claims we will remove to include additional debunked
claims about the coronavirus and vaccines. This includes claims such as:

• COVID-19 is man-made or manufactured

• Vaccines are not effective at preventing the disease they are meant to protect against

• It’s safer to get the disease than to get the vaccine

• Vaccines are toxic, dangerous or cause autism”*

That Facebook and Instagram were still publishing such claims a year after the pandemic began, gives
pause for thought.

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