From David Vincent in Shrewsbury, UK: Otherwise

January 24.  This is in response to Anne’s vivid account of heat and drought in Australia.  It is otherwise on the other side of the world.

The picture was taken from the bottom of my garden as the snow fell this morning.  In the background, grey beneath the heavy clouds, is the River Severn in flood.  Heavy rainfall in the Welsh hills has sent it over its banks for the second time in a month.

Nothing changes as a consequence.  The land below us constitutes a run-off for excess water, preventing flooding downstream in Shrewsbury.  To keep its cattle safe, the farm opposite us has erected a fence across the field just above the highest level which the river normally reaches.  In a week or so it will have dropped ten feet, back within its course. 

In normal times, a snowfall would create a temporary lockdown in the village, until the farmer who holds the contract from the Council starts up his tractor and clears the lanes.  But we are already locked down; no plans to go anywhere.  It might as well snow until Spring.

All we can do is enjoy the view.

2 thoughts on “From David Vincent in Shrewsbury, UK: Otherwise

  1. We have bird feeders in the garden, currently covered in sparrows, tits of varying degree, goldfinches (especially), chaffinches, greenfinches, occasional starlings, green woodpeckers, with pigeons, blackbirds, a robin, wrens and a stray pheasant ground feeding on the dropped seed. The cats are too slow to interfere, but from time a time a sparrow hawk comes through and takes a feeding bird. One consequence of the snow is that we get a record of the animal life that crosses the garden at night. This morning it is covered in rabbit tracks.


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