From Steph in London: Tempus Fugit

10 October

To my horror it’s over 2 months since I last blogged.. I’d love to say I have loads of news of activities or I’ve been writing a book or doing a PhD – but, and (probably accounts for the absence of blogs) life
appears to be much the same…spontaneity has gone out of the window ……

My opinion of the government handling of Covid gets no better – indeed as far as education is concerned I despair. My son is an admissions officer at a large university. His experience of this year’s selection was unbelievable. On day 1 they had 24,000 phone calls with over 1500 saying they were going to appeal the algorithm. Lo and behold our esteemed minister changes his mind and there are more thousands with predicted grades beating the doors down…. The rest is history but he worries for this year’s year 13- most courses are almost or already full with deferrals…. Not to mention the dictat from above that exams will go ahead whatever.. it’s almost as
if the minister puts his head in a bucket everything will go away and he won’t have to think or plan or do anything til it’s too late……..actually it feels like that with Covid management too…..

The summer has gone and we now have a file of cancelled activities- holidays, theatre, restaurant vouchers – how very very first world. When you see them all together you realise how privileged and spoilt we actually are….. There are hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs and livelihoods, not to mention people still getting Covid and being really ill (unlike the President, who seems to have dodged the bullet).

The thought of the long dark winter doesn’t appeal, the rules, such as they are, seem arbitrary and here’s hoping for a vaccine that works……

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