Eileen from Spain – Problems

Spain has tried so hard during the pandemic to control transmission of the disease, with strict police enforcement through stop and fine. People generally have done the right thing. even now we are all wearing masks and self distancing. However, since our new normal there have been a few incidences which have worked against the control of the numbers infected, and now Spain is suffering. 

2 Bolivians arrived in Madrid 2 weeks ago. They were not checked on arrival for infection. They caught a bus to a town called Totana  in my region. On arrival they met many friends in a bar and then went to a night club in the town. These 2 people were infected and have closed down the entire town. 

Last night 400 migrants arrived from Africa landing all along the eastern coast, Benidorm to Aguilas about 220 kilometres. Previous landings which are now frequent have shown about 10 % are infected. These arrivals also manage to escape causing havoc in the community. The authorities are really stretched on where to house these people. 

Now today Britain has declared a quarantine of 14 days on all people arriving from Spain. This has put the final nail in the coffin to the very fragile summer tourist industry. 

This silent transmission of infection in unknown places has made us all nervous and most of us are going into self semi-isolation. We have done it once before so we will do it again until we think it might be safe to go further afield.   

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