Eileen from Spain- Summer on the Costa Calida

We have spent three weeks living a near normal life. The Spanish are generally trying to maintain social distancing and are wearing masks in public places.

I live near a Spanish holiday area where many Spaniards have to their holidays homes. However it is much quieter than normal . I think many have stayed away or are not going out to public places. See the photo of a popular beach taken a few days ago.

This coast is situated on the South – east coast facing Africa and about 150 miles away.

This time of the year we see many boats sailing from Morocco with migrants seeking a new life

A boat landed last week with 20 people on board. The authorities tested them and found one COVID infected man in the group. They hospitalised him and yesterday using his bed sheets he escaped out of the window of the hospital and jumped a good distance to the ground.

The police spent all Sunday searching the area and eventually found him in a nearby village.

The authorities wanted to quarantine the rest of the people on the boat in a nearby coastal holiday village. The residents protested in the streets until
it was decided to house them in an isolated place in the country.

Despite our near normal life we are all still very apprehensive as we know the virus has not gone away. Numbers infected in our area have gone up to 20 infected over the weekend, which for the area is very high. The province of Galicia has been locked down again and we are very unsure of what the summer will bring.
In the meantime we are very lucky to have many outdoor cafes and restaurants where we can self distance and enjoy the warm evenings.

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