from Anne in Adelaide, Australia: the distractions of podcasts

July 6. Today I was wandering around with various tasks on my list. Roy, my Cairn Terrier, came with me. He is going to have a rather horrible operation tomorrow: his right eye is to be removed due to glaucoma and a very high, irreversible, pressure. A step we do not take lightly. So we gave him a good day: not left alone, walks, treats and games.

While doing this, I listened to three podcasts. There is such a wealth at our fingertips in the libraries of podcasts. Free.

The first, titled The Good Fight, was with Anne Applebaum, historian and author of, ‘Twilight of Democracy: the Failure of Politics and the Parting of Friends’. The interview was broadcast 2 years ago but remains very interesting. …’Yascha Mounk talks to Anne Applebaum about how authoritarians take power, the threat of social media, and the first six months of Trump’s presidency.’

Food for thought….

The second podcast of the day, hinted at by David Vincent in one of his posts on this site, is Better Known … ‘Each week, a guest makes a series of recommendations of things which they think should be better known. Our recommendations include interesting people, places, objects, stories, experiences and ideas which our guest feels haven’t had the exposure that they deserve.

These episodes are short – around 30 minutes – and most entertaining. I managed to listen to 2 of them (there are 127 episodes available).

The important one is dated 6 July, 2020. Ivan Wise interviewed David Vincent, asking him to talk about 6 things – places, people, ideas, things … that are of particular value interest to him. I won’t disclose the 6 things that David spoke about but I enjoyed his choices. It is rather pleasant not to have to listen to news about Covid-19 or the daily announcements of Trump’s nastiness.

And these distracted me from worrying about our little old dog.

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