Eileen from Spain – How shall we remember COVID-19

This question came to mind when a Corona trophy split the ladies golf group.

For the first time since lockdown the lady golfers arranged a competition and the sponsor donated a trophy which she called the Corona Cup.

This name caused feelings to run deep.

Half of the ladies felt they did not want to remember this awful time and did not want to receive such a trophy. Others thought it rude to play but not accept the sponsors generosity.

The sponsor explained;

This lockdown and its terrible consequences had not been experienced by mankind since the Spanish Flu and we had lived through a special piece of social history. Despite our problems during this time our Sponsor  had seen such generosity, kindness, sacrifice and solidarity, and those were the sentiments she wanted us all to remember.

As is always the case  the competition was won by a lady who did not want to receive the trophy even after the reasons were explained, so a bunch of flowers was given instead.

As life looks like it will be back to near normal in Spain from next week, we could easily forget the sacrifices that have been made.

I agree with the sentiments of the sponsor but I also believe we have to remember the meaning and consequences of  isolation and death as we are not out of the woods yet.

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