From Eileen in Spain -Living Together

I live in a multicultural resort in Spain, where nearly every Northern European country is represented.

It has been interesting observing how these different nationalities have coped with the lock down.

The Scottish on the whole have been living to the letter of the law, the Brits have been very accepting whilst the others have pushed the restrictions to the limits. They have shown a slightly more disregard and rebelliousness to the law.

My Danish friend walked 3 kilometres a day for a loaf of bread, my German friend took to caring for a horse so he could ride daily and my Belgian friend went far afield to exercise his dog when 500 metres was the distance allowed. Admittedly they never put anyone in danger but they had a different perspective on the situation.

However after 3 months of restrictions, we are all in accord about allowing strangers visit the resort.  The fear is real that after such sacrifice there is a chance we could still get infected.

Avoiding Spanish holidaymakers, mainly from Madrid, one of the hardest hit regions, will be possible as despite COVID, Spanish people are very much creatures of habit. For example, most of the shops in our village are now open and operating normally but tomorrow is a fiesta. No matter that they have been closed for over 2 months they will all be closed for the “Region of Murcia” holiday.

If you want to avoid crowds in large shops all you need to do is go between 2.30 and 4.30pm.Spanish lunch time. They are deserted except for a few non Spanish shoppers.The beach is similar with most people coming religiously between 11.30-2pm and 5-8pm.Even though many are still working from home or on furlough, restaurants are only busy at weekends.

I believe knowing these habits will allow us all to live together in harmony avoiding one another and keeping safe.  

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