from Anne in Adelaide, Australia: a brief interlude

June 2. This week our society in South Australia opened up a little further. It’s quite exciting.

Here is the breakdown of our ‘stage 2’ rules:

Intrastate travel restrictions were eased on May 8.

  • Larger venues allowed up to 80 patrons, so long as social distancing is followed
  • Smaller venues allowed up to 20 indoors
  • Alcohol can be served to seated patrons without a meal
  • Funerals increased to a maximum of 50
  • Cinemas, beauty salons and gyms reopen for up to 20 people, however gym classes are restriction to 10
  • Driving lessons allowed to return
  • Contact sport, including indoor, to resume on June 25’

Suddenly, the shops are open and the lights are on in the pubs and restaurants. This evening, my husband and I met another couple for dinner. It was quite special although the ambience was not quite there as we were the only guests in a large room with 3 other distant tables. Our waitress was excited as well and we received a lot of attention.

The retail shops are busier and the traffic is stacked up at school pick-up zones once more.

However, the other news brings this week into perspective. Flights from Singapore airlines will be arriving into Adelaide next week. I assume this is to bring back overseas students to our financially strapped universities. Others will come to join their families. I doubt there will be many tourists on these flights.

Sure as anything, these full flights will bring in the virus. All the discussion in the press seems to indicate that it is hard to put in place systems to prevent the spread of this virulent virus inside an aeroplane. So, I fear, once flights start arriving, we must retreat back to the safety of our homes and get back onto the delivery services once more.

But for a little while, we can relax.

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