From Shannon in Florida: America is on Fire

2020 has been nothing short of a crapshoot, where it seems nothing can go right. First, Australia is on fire and it seems like it may last forever, then a helicopter crash kills 7 people, including Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter Gigi.  All of this seemed bad enough for the first few months of the year (if only we would have known). After that Covid-19 hit. What seemed like it was happening in Asia spread to Europe and quickly was happening around the world. Countries went into mass lockdown, people in Paris weren’t allowed to leave their homes for more than an hour or two per week, and needed to have documentation on them that they were allowed to. Trump kept saying, “we have this under control, this “Chinese virus” won’t effect us.” Obviously he was massively mistaken. 

Florida never really took it seriously, it still really has not. For about a week people were supposed to. “Shelter in place” and wear masks when they went out. The week after they lifted the ban, and you saw thousands on tv headed to the beach. I saw people on social media having quarantine parties and saying things such as “if I get it, I get it” as if it was acceptable. Events stopped, hospitals are over flowing, people are dying and many. Have lost their jobs. From every angle you can look at 2020 as a travesty and yet somehow the current administration is saying ‘we’re handing this great, and doing a tremendous job”. If you don’t know, those are some big buzz words they like to use to describe themselves. 

If we would have closed the chapter on 2020 there it would have been widely seen as a terrible year, however it just seems to get worse. Anyone who watched the news knows that police brutality is a grave issue which effects the United States. Let me be more specific, police brutality towards the African American community is a grave issue caused by some horrendous individuals in the United States. I will be honest and say I cannot name the amount of victims who have been killed by the police because there have simply been too many.

Amadu Diallo was unarmed and not committing any crime when he was shot 41 times by 4 undercover cops in 1999, they were all acquitted and walked free.  In 2014 the police shot Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, and his killer also walked free. Three days ago George Floyd was arrested, and one officer knelt on his neck, while he was handcuffed for 9 minutes. The last minutes of George’s life, he was humiliated, and begging for his life while 3 other cops stood and let it happen. 

There are three examples spanning over 20 years, and countless others that are not included showing the racial discrimination and brutality used against African American men. People are protesting, and those protests are turning to riots because it seems like nobody listens. Atlanta was set on fire, DC was set on fire, and Trump was taken to the bunker as the protest neared the White House. This is an awful time for everyone in 2020, but it seems like it has and will continue to be an awful time for those targeted by police. I will say I do believe that 95% of officers are good and are as disgusted by this as the rest, but 95% is too little for the amount of power they have. Of course people are mad and it seems like peaceful protests have never gone anywhere. 

This is the first time that Corona is not the headline news. Everyone has to stand up to injustice, demand George Floyd’s killer be convicted of murder, and not stop fighting for equality. This is 2020, we should not have to be fighting that everyone regardless of skin color, belief, gender, or sexual orientation deserves to be treated equally. 

The virus has gone on the backburner, because awareness and justice is necessary, and 6-feet apart is not good enough to stop people from protesting and showing they refuse to accept this. 

Black lives matter.

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