Eileen from Spain

Que sera sera

How has COVID 19 changed me? I have always been a person who loves to plan, who had a full diary and knew exactly what I was going to do with my life.
Now I have learnt that a daily plan is as far as I can go. The future has never been so uncertain.
I am now using the phrase “What will be will be”.
This virus is not going to go away and a vaccine is not expected to be available soon.

This begs the question how do we live our lives in the near future? How can we assess the risk?

I have been invited to a 50th wedding anniversary cocktail party. After much consideration I am going to decline.
I know the people attending have been in strict lockdown and no incidences of infection have happened in our community but it is still a large group and the risk has not gone away.
Will my resolve continue in the future,I do not know?
Many of my friends feel that the sacrifices made during lockdown must be remembered and not squandered.
While others are stretching the rules and showing a confidence, as if it was all over.
We are all in unchartered territory where uncertainty reigns but patience and restraint I am sure will pay off.

However the one thing we can be certain of in Spain is the seasonal food.
Very little fruit and vegetables are imported and we have to eat what is in season.
Now it is asparagus season and the enormous white fresh asparagus available is joyous and delicious.Melons and peaches will be with us soon
All we can do is live for the day and see how our lives pan out.

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