Eileen from Spain- Learning to adapt to reduced restrictions

Spain has a 4 phase deescalation plan which it is implementing at different rates in each region depending on the statistics of that geographical area.
We in Murcia have proceeded to the next phase as our numbers are low.

The lockdown measures up until now have been well controlled as the level of policing has been high, reinforced by the amount fined for non compliance which is huge. The fines start at €600 to €30 000 and the police have not hesitated to issue these fines at all levels.They mean business.
In some countries these draconian measures would not have been accepted but there has seemingly been no opposition.

Now about half of Spain now has to adapt to the deescalation of restrictions.

This in itself brings new dilemmas. We can have up to 10 visitors at our house, bars and café under restrictions can open and more exercise is allowed.
The responsibility for our safety is falling into our own hands with each new phase.
We need to think and decide what to do.
This limited freedom easily allows us to go back to pre lockdown mode if we are not careful.

It is amazing how quickly we forget the last couple of months.
Adjusting and adapting to the new normal needs more thought and care than you would have realised.
For example meeting friends in public places still requires 2 meters distancing when you want to shake their hand. Visiting cafes allows only outdoor use. So easily do you want to enter to use the bathroom!

The dangers are still there and we have to try to keep vigilant to remain safe but we also need to live.
It will not be easy as old habits die hard or new fears take over.
One way or the other we have to adapted and move on.

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