From Shannon in Florida – Another “New Normal”

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a consultant, and as a consultant there are some things that make this pandemic not too bad, and other’s that make it a struggle. The part that makes it “not too bad” is the fact that I actually have a job, so I would actually call that the overwhelming positive. Beyond that, we are used to working remotely with our teams and clients a few times per month, which made switching to a fully remote job not as big of a shock as for some others. However, the “struggle” is our projects start and end, and with each new project comes a steep learning curve to become familiar with new people, new materials, and new expectations. 

This week I started on a new project with another financial institution. In the past year I have worked with Tech and Finance institutions, so for that it is somewhat familiar. However, now I am coming to cope with the expectations of a client, and the new workload. I very much feel like a fish out of water, or like a Dalmatian stuck in a cow pasture. At quick glance all looks good, but then you look again and I am not 100% fitting it just yet. 

This client is fast paced, gives little direction, and expects a lot. I don’t mind that so much, it’s more that I know nothing and feel somewhat useless for the moment. The new pace, or hours, need some getting used to. Unfortunately this client is very up with trends, and therefore we use video conferences all the time. Now, don’t get me wrong, as someone who has dated a professional athlete who is rarely around for the past 4+, I am abundantly grateful for technologies like FaceTime. But, there is a difference between seeing someone you like when you want to, and seeing your client and other members of the organization at any given time during the day. Suddenly I have to think about what I look like, have a jacket that looks decent, and have my hair not look like I rolled out of bed (which most of the time is what just happened). So all of this is taking some getting used to.

Wish me luck as I get used to the new normal, within the new normal!

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