from Steph in London: the new rhythm …

The new rhythm of Face Time, Zoom and HouseParty for social contact has yielded surprising results. Friends who we normally see every few months or longer are now weekly or fortnightly buddies. We enjoy conversations that are not full of a report on recent activities in the City or wherever, but are more chats around the here and now.

‘News’ takes second place and we get to know people on a much more intimate level as we chat on. I suppose it could be construed as a Covid dating app.

We have time to find out more about each other that we may not have known and the things that attracted us originally are reawaken into a greater understanding and affection….

People I’ve known for 40 years, when conversation has been revolved around the children or work are now sitting chatting about other things. Not necessarily always deep and meaningful but easy, comfortable and strangely supportive. Online! I never thought I’d admit that!

My relationship with the virtual world is contrary. In January I would never Face Time anyone without a previous conversation and appointment. It seemed an intrusion into people’s private lives. It’s now May, and actually I now use social media with gay abandon. I even showed a pal round the new house without making the bed first..

Hey ho- my mother would have been totally distraught and would know I was definitely going to the dogs….

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