From Shannon in Florida : Happy Mother’s Day!

First things first, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms! Today was Mother’s Day in the U.S but unfortunately my mom, being a nurse, had to go into work at the hospital today. My mom is a labor and delivery nurse at the “Disney” hospital down here in a town called Celebration. Already being a nurse is a stressful job, where you are dealing with peoples health, and in her case, their soon to be born babies health, but now with Covid-19, it’s only become more stressful and intense are there is one extra thing to worry about. The U.S made it so that no visitors were allowed access to hospitals in order to minimize exposure, however Labor and Delivery, the department my mother works in, still allows one visitor to come in at a time. While this is understandable as it is a beautiful and life changing experience that no one should have to go through alone, I hear my mothers concerns given current circumstances. There is minimal monitoring of who is coming in and out, where they are going, if they are healthy or have had any experience with the virus. In one case my mother had a patient say the had not been exposed to anyone with the virus, only to find out through the medical charts in the hospital system, that she had been diagnosed with the virus 2 weeks prior. Upon confrontation the patient simply said “You asked if I had been exposed to someone who had it, not if I had it”. Now, I can have sympathy for the patient being scared she may be turned away or what the consequences of her answer may be, but the selfishness and irresponsibility of putting others in danger is beyond comprehension. 

Unfortunately the health care system in the U.S is not prepared, Doctors and Nurses are expected to put themselves in jeoprady to help the patient without being able to take the proper safety precautions for themselves or their families. It is a horrible battle to be fighting. I cannot say that I understand as I am not someone going into a building and interacting with people who may have the virus, but I can empathize with all the healthcare workers who are. I think it is a horrible situation to be stuck in, they decided to pursue carriers in healthcare because they want to help people, but now they are being asked to help people at their own expense. Originally the hospitals barely had any of the proper equipment for staff to take precautions, to the point that we were butting bids on eBay, spending our own money, to ensure my mother could go into work and be protected. Things only get more complicated when some of the people she work with do not take it seriously, claiming “This is all a hoax to make the president look bad”, and proceed to take days off at the beach, potentially exposing them to the virus. 

Bottom line is, things are very difficult for everyone, but especially the workers who are casting their own self interest aside in order to help others. For me, one of those workers is my mother who has only ever put herself aside to help others. I hope people can look beyond what they want today, and think about what is best for the world, and stay inside. The more we respect this now, the quicker we can start getting things back to normal. 

To all the Mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day. We love you. 

And especially to my mom, I love you.

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