From Shannon in Florida – Work and Dogs

It’s been a very busy past 10 days or so from my end. As I have previously mentioned, being a consultant I am lucky enough to have job which allows me to continue to work through these complicated times. However, anyone who has done remote work can attest to the fact that things simply don’t get done, and time is constantly being wasted. You have to set time on the calendar to have a team meeting, which would be done casually throughout the day if you were in a room. Emails get mixed up, people work off old version, time zone changes, and life at home. Things are different and it takes some getting used to (granted it’s been two months). Truth is you will never be able to work as functionally from home as in a room with the project team. All of that to say, it’s been a busy week trying to meet deadlines that were set prior to the world being turned upside down. 

We have two dogs at home. Hermes is a golden retriever who is now 4 years old and has been the family dog since my junior year of college. She’s very playful, quite stubborn, loves people, and likes to do what she wants to do. Hund is my doberman, who is about a year and a half years old. While he is big (43kg big), lean, and the most athletic/photogenic dog, he is the biggest sweetest softy. They have been what I have  focused my energy on outside of work. Hund was neutered two weeks ago, and today went off to two weeks of board and train. What does “board and train” mean you ask? Well exactly what it sounds like, he stays with a trainer for two weeks to get some intense training, kind of like an educational camp for dogs. I went to drop him off before the work day started today, and I will say I was sad to leave him with a stranger and 5 other large dogs, but hoping the results are worth it. Stay tuned as this seems to be the only thing I talk about…

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