from Shannon in Seattle: Warming and Warring in America

“I think the beach is a healing place.  I think it’s fine as long as they social distance”

All this sunshine is stirring up problems.  It’s spring in America.  We have a weirdly seasonal life – where much of the country goes indoors from Thanksgiving through Spring – and by Memorial Day School starts to wind down to HOLIDAY SEASON.

In Seattle the blue skies of spring and 60 degree weather are a sign to enjoy parks and run and lose winter fat and shop at the Farmer’s Market.  In other parts of the country people go hunting, to the beach and out to fairs and plant crops and do all kinds of Not Inside The House things. So the Stay at Home Orders are a problem for people, particularly those without much space at home.


On the other side there is tension in the business community. Retail businesses small and large are facing an historic crisis and many want to GO BACK TO WORK.  At the same time Amazon and Microsoft have told office staff as many as can may work from home till October, the grocery and service industry wants to get their employees back right away.

And nobody is making sense.  It’s interesting that states that are pushing to go back (either due to business, political, or (fake?) protest pressure from businesses) are seeing a public loss of confidence in their state governor.  Individual people don’t want to rush to work and spend.  They just want to go to the park and the beach. The pressure is cominn=g from somewhere else.

Trust in Govt

I DID go to the Farmer’s Market this weekend. I preordered 10 lbds of bacon from a family farm. They had it in their truck. As a preorder I got to skip the line and walk straight to the stall to pickup.  The line was very long (70 people) because they limit the number of people who can enter the market at one time, and you can only walk one way and must wear a mask.

The bacon was much appreciated, and I also bought some lovely fresh garlic.

The street is closed and you have to line up 6 feet apart to enter the Farmer’s arket. Everyone is wearing masks. There is a special fast-trak line for online pre-orders.
Here is the line reaching round the blcok at 10.30am.
My mixed-bag of garlic.

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