Eileen from Spain-The joy of a long walk

What joy to feel free to walk without a purpose or a destination. Everyone you meet from gardeners, dustmen, friends and acquaintances greet you with true joy and happiness. Keeping their two meters apart everyone has time for a chat.

Previously when in lockdown my dear friend who is 88 years of age but acts and looks like 70 found the restrictions of not leaving her house at all, very difficult.

She is use to playing golf 3 times a week and walking most days.

So late one rainy night out of desperation she took  her umbrella and went for a walk down her deserted road.

She forgot that at the end of the road there are cameras. She was spotted by the security guards watching the cameras and on her way home via the golf course a security vehicle came charging up the course with bright flashing lights. She crouched and hid behind a bush for a couple of minutes and when they passed she ran into her house. A few minutes later the guards were searching her garden with torches. She watched through the window laughing. However she did not do that again.

Now we can, like a spring chicken she is out every day walking enjoying every step.

We wait each week in the hope more restrictions on our life might be reduced, but we are still thrilled to able to walk freely.

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