Eileen from Spain – Possible disappointment

Spain has issued detailed plans for the de-escalation of our coronas virus confinement.

There are  4 phases describing how our restrictions will be reduced.

Timing will of course depend on the statics of deaths and those infected.

Up until now the figures have been reducing and everyone is hopeful.

However yesterday Barcelona reported 400 new cases when the national figures have been in the hundreds. Our region of Murcia published 21.

Catalonia has decided not to proceed to the next phase until numbers come down again.

What does this mean for all of us? We have to wait and see how the government reacts.

Do they allow regions to go at their own pace depending on numbers or will the entire nation go back to increased restrictions?

Spain has closed their borders until the end of the year.

We wait in trepidation.

One thought on “Eileen from Spain – Possible disappointment

  1. I am amazed that Spain has closed their borders till year end. That is a serious step for the economy. In Australia they are talking about a travel ‘bubble’ between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. When? who knows.


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