Eileen from Spain: “Another Extension to Lockdown”

This weekend the Spanish government extended the lockdown to 11th May.

Even though the numbers of infected and dead have reduced (399 today) there are still too many for safety.

The official figure of confirmed coronavirus cases in all Spain is over 200,000, this includes everyone who has tested positive. However there is another set of data which gives us an idea of the dimension of the pandemic in the country that is the number of possible cases.

The Spanish regions who are tracking this data estimate over 400,000 possible cases. 73% of them are in the Madrid and Catalonia regions.

Luckily all the residents of our resort have up to now kept free from the virus. We are rural, we have been very strict with social distancing and have controlled entry into the resort with our own security guards.

We are bored but stoic, need a hairdresser and want desperately to go for a long walk.

This lockdown has made us more patient and our wishes simpler.

We realise that restrictions will be lifted slowly when the lockdown is ended as the risk of infection will still be significant. We are in unchartered territory!

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