from Anne in Adelaide, Australia: not in our stars, but in ourselves …

The weekend papers are dismal with stories of collapsing businesses, the horrible nature of this Covid-19 virus and the political storm between the USA, China and the WHO. Meanwhile Trump gets weirder and more virulent himself.

So, I turned to the bridge column in The Australian’s Review section and the thorny question of how to make a contract of 6 Spades with a difficult distribution. Easy when you know how.

And then my eye dropped to the Astrology section. I don’t follow the stars, never had, always wondered a little suspiciously about those who do. However, HERE was good news.

“…the sun into Taurus reminds you of your body (!) and the dark moon says hello from your psyche. …. You only get new moon benefits after some high-calibre contemplation time. …. (now comes the best part) … Writing is more favoured than ever. Idea: give up your apocalyptic diet and re-engage with nutrition.”

HOW DID THEY KNOW? I ask you. I shall retake up my pen with enthusiasm. Now comes that advice on the diet. Are we not all eating with care, thinking of what we do to survive? My son is doing a 16:8 fasting diet whereby you fast overnight making sure it is 16 hrs between meals and then take all your meals within 8 hours. I have been doing this for 10 days.

So, I am advised to give up this ‘end of times’ diet and ‘re-engage with nutrition’. I will have to think about that. I am told a glass of red is good for the body and we have some good shirazes in the cellar waiting for some imagined special event.

A small concern about this new found interest in astrology is the name of the bright-eyed forecaster of these star signs, it is one ‘Mystic Medusa’. I know enough about Greek myths to remember Medusa is not at all ‘nice’ … all those writhing snakes for hair and the ability to turn you to stone – lethal like Covid-19. I shall engage in some contemplation, as recommended.

If you want me to send you the wisdom from this Astrology page – let me know your birthday. Maybe you too will gain some insight.

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