from Megan in Brisbane, Australia: Looking at the View …

April 14. Today, I’m going to do something new, I’m going to look at the view. The big coincidence following my grandson’s exhortation is the day’s Tao guideline: observe. “The ancients first began accumulating wisdom when they came upon the idea that one could be the observer”.
My grandson’s words echo those of the ancients. Out of the mouths of babes. Maybe we need to listen to the children more.
But today is not about listening.
The first stop was the pool. I check it every day, but today I saw just how sparkling it was in the early morning sunlight. It looked like crystal. I admit I gave myself a round of applause at how good my pool maintenance is.
I saw the butterflies on the miniature camellia bushes with their delicate pink flowers.  On closer examination and more astute observation, I came to the unhappy conclusion that they were cabbage moths that actually wreak havoc in the garden.
My next stop was at the fruit bowl put out to attract the lorikeets. I saw five mynahs having a feast, but no sign of lorikeets. Another time, perhaps. Perseverance.
Next, with Holly in tow, I set off for a walk, with focus again only on observing. And it brought to mind the words sung by Louis Armstrong:
I see trees of green
And red roses too…
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.
I see skies of blue
And clouds of white…
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

And this is how I felt this morning. The sky was blue and clear, the leaves of the poinciana and the frangipani were beautiful shades of green. There are few roses in Brisbane, but I observed the red flowers of the geranium and hibiscus, the blue of the plumbago and the orange of the exora. Spectacular mixes of colour.
Appreciation of the beauty of the world we live in may bring the wisdom to know how to look after it. We may also take it one step further and observe our own behaviour towards the world and those in it.

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