from Steph G in London, UK: Shopping online and NHS Staff concerns

April 7. The bad news- a pal fell and broke her ankle about 6 weeks ago. The good news- she had the foresight to book Waitrose orders for the following 10/12 weeks. All she had to do was order over £60 worth of goods upfront … In a stroke of genius, she ordered a £60 bottle of champagne for every delivery and is changing it weekly for her essentials! (Or that’s what she’s saying)

Buying on line regularly still has that anxiety making element. I managed to get onto Ocado – I was only 14,760 in the queue … a  2 hours wait. It wasn’t but when I finally got to the front it felt as if I’d won the lottery and all sense disappeared. I couldn’t concentrate on one  “aisle” at a time and consequently, when it was all delivered I had 3 kg of sweet potatoes (sorry to everyone if you couldn’t get any this week). I’d really like to know how a once lucid calm operator becomes crazy when given the chance to shop online.

The other question I can’t answer is for how long will this new way of living will feel like a novelty and when will it feel like an attack on our freedoms … but our bubble is more than ok. I worry more for those who are stuck in flats with job worries and young children.

I worry about the NHS staff – my daughter in law told me she was told to move the paediatric clinics to the ward area so the rest of the hospital could have the space for coronavirus patients. The organisation took a week and wards were altered to make it happen. The morning of the changeover she was told that it wasn’t going to happen and instead the paediatric wards were being partitioned down the middle for adult patients. Normally a stoic, she quietly said she still had very sick children to look after. The pressure on them all must be overwhelming.

Apparently, over 24 million watched the Queen on Sunday …

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