from Barbara in Florianópolis in Brazil: Family infected – and unpacking the new way

8 March. Miraculously, our moving boxes were delivered today! Everything suddenly speeded up. It did feel better than Christmas seeing our clothes again, and the kids’ toys and books, and Hannah’s bed after we had shipped them six weeks ago and had lived in Brazil with what we had in our suitcases only. The kids were totally thrilled. The house was becoming more like a home. It will definitely be easier to entertain the kids at home for a few more months. 

Removing our stuff from the boxes that had stayed so long in the airport of Sao Paolo and so might have been contaminated by corona virus became a special operation, with the use of several pairs of plastic gloves, hand washing after every box had been opened, and the storage of the boxes in a corner of the garage for at least 24 hours to make sure that all potential contamination by the virus had been removed even if the risk was very small. Josh decided we should celebrate the delivery of our boxes after such long time and he prepared a special dinner for us. That was lovely! 

Later that day Michela told me that her mother had been tested twice for corona virus. The first test was negative but had to be done again as the nurse had used a Chinese test that was found to be faulty. Apparently, China has sent a lot of faulty medical equipment to several European countries struggling with the corona virus outbreak. The second test was positive. Michela’s mother has had symptoms for 13 days and her fever was starting to decrease so she was probably starting to recover from it. That was the positive news. 

As for my aunt Sonia, she is still on a drip at the hospital in Paris. It has been more than a week now. 

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