from Barbara in Florianópolis, Brazil: Community news and listening to mothers

7 March. We learnt from our neighbour that there are about twenty contamination cases in our neighbourhood. That was quite a surprise, although we knew that there was no good reason for our area to escape miraculously from the worldwide plague. We live in the island part of the city which is not very populated except during the summer that has now ended so we feel that this low density of population is probably a good thing to limit the spread of the virus.

Our house is in a condominium where there are about fifteen other houses, all with young children, thus we are faced with the question as to whether to barricade ourselves totally from our neighbours or to let the kids enjoy playing with each other every now and then. 

It is still unsure when schools are opening again – some people say at the end of the month, others mention September. I wish we had a few more toys and books to entertain the kids, although we are doing pretty good at inventing new games and making fun child-friendly scientific experiences.

We see more and more people wearing masks. I asked at the pharmacy: there are no mask available anymore in the whole of Florianopolis. We will probably end up making our own ones if it becomes clear that we need these. A few weeks ago, I turned down my mum’s offer of masks, thinking it was an unnecessary and superfluous precaution. Who said we should always listen to our mothers? 

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