from John T. in Brighton, UK: A week of sunshine

April 7. It must be at least fortnight since we saw rain and we’re blessed with a week of sunshine. The problem is that we’re like dogs who have been caged for hours on end in showing our enthusiasm to break free. The vast majority still adhere to the Government instruction staying local and restricting themselves to a once daily quota of exercise. But there’s always one … as the saying goes, except in this case rather more than one and some people sit in the park or on the beach or wander around in large groups. Sadly, unlike us humans, Covid does not adopt a happy and benevolent front under the spell of warm spring rays and our guard needs to be maintained.

Matt Hancock is quick to react but I can’t agree with his “threat”.  If people continue to transgress then the lockdown dial will be turned up and all outdoor exercise will be banned. Where I think this is flawed is that exercise is of paramount importance to physical and mental health and is to be encouraged. Add to that the reports of escalating domestic violence and there are very good reasons why we must “find a way”. Which leads to the second point – we would be punishing the vast majority who show social responsibility on account of a small number of recidivists. Cast your mind back a few years – it’s like the whole class will stay in at playtime because the culprit who committed some peccadillo declines to own up. Surely the right solution is to deal with the flaunters, even if that is to be deemed a crime, and let the rest of us out of our kennels for an hour or two.

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