from Susan S. in Washington DC: Physician feedback in the time of Covid-19

March 27. I hadn’t heard anything but crickets from my primary care physician about contacting his office in the case of needing medical attention.  (He has the unlikely name of Collin Cullen – father and all 4 brothers are MDs – the Dr Cullens. It must drive the insurance companies crazy.) So I wrote him today humbly suggesting that it might be useful if he were to send a note to all his patients providing some guidance about what to do if not feeling well, displaying symptoms, etc.   Within minute I received an auto reply stating that it seemed that many of his patients had not received the earlier ‘videoshot’ (whatever that is).   No I hadn’t.   The message went on to say that his office would stay open for as long as possible, and that no one should come to his office. Phone instead.  Now I understand why he’s taking these precautions, but the message wasn’t exactly comforting.  But then there’s little comfort in any of the messages coming through, especially from the politicians in Washington.  It’s just that I somehow expected more from a primary care physician.  

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