From John T. in Brighton, UK: Grim News

Yesterday the grim corona news served us up a doozy – in Margate  a 39 year old previously well nurse and mother of three died at the hands (or to be more scientifically precise pepiomers) of covid-19. That’s just dreadful. My anger at the disgrace of inadequate PPE for the front line goes up a notch to white heat. Of course we can’t say that she’d have been safer but at least we could classify it as an act of God and not potential negligence. I’m reminded that exactly ten years ago we heard how soldiers had been inadequately equipped to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan – equally disgraceful but staff in the NHS don’t expect to risk their lives, the army do.

After forty years at the NHS front line I know just how committed and kind are the NHS nurses  – we undervalue them, underpay them and they still go over and above. I also thought I was pretty battle-hardened to tragedy but this story brought a tear to my eye.  A young nurse dies doing her bit for the sick – that’s unthinkable, preternatural ….except that I doubt that it will be the last.

The  clapping is a fine gesture, politicians and celebs labelling them heroes…..but  I’m sure the staff would prioritise the tangible of correct safety equipment and testing every day of the week and not just on Thursdays.  

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