An Eventful Week: from from Megan in Brisbane, Australia.

This has been a very eventful week! The Prime Minister has announced more financial help – childcare will be free for those parents engaged in essential work. There will be more enforced social distancing – two people, with 1.5 metre distance between them, constitutes a gathering; exercise does not include sitting on a bench enjoying the view or taking a breather. On the move, do your exercise, go home. There are four reasons to go out – food, pharmacy, medical and exercise. Otherwise stay at home.
The word ‘lockdown’ has not been used, and in fact, we are definitely not there yet. Many retailers are still open and consumers continue to shop.
State government today announced the closing of national parks, bush walking trails and other outside areas that could see groups of people in proximity. It also announced stricter measures to prevent people crossing the state’s borders.
An ongoing saga is that of the seemingly never ending number of cruise ships arriving at the port of Sydney hoping to disgorge their human contents and set off into the sunset. However, this is not to be. Australia wants the cruise ships with their human cargo to go back to their ports of origin. This has not been accepted and there is a standoff. We await the outcome with bated breath. Will NSW government win the day? Is the Australian Border Force to make the decision? Will the Minister of Home  Affairs have the final say? Where is the Minister of Home Affairs?  Perth authorities in Western Australia have taken those people with the virus into hospitals and sent the remainder on their way. So this feeling of being hemmed in on both sides by cruise ships pulsating with the virus may soon pass.

In contrast to all this activity is the quietness of our street, which is normally quite busy. It is a side street with no parking restrictions, so we see cars coming and going, parking for stretches of time and using the bus service which has a bus stop conveniently placed at the end of the street. This activity has dried up. The street is empty. There are no cars. There are no people, not even walking their dogs. I took my Holly out this morning, and was the only living soul about.
 The lonely planet.
And the State Premier is warning that this will probably continue for six months.
Which brings me to my Tao guideline for the day, which I think is rather pertinent. Write down the names of those people who have had a positive impact on you and have helped you grow. The  reflection that comes from this is an encouragement to focus on your inner strength, which is vital in the days and weeks to come.

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