• 30 March. My daughter Janavi Welukar, who has done her LLB, Masters in Public Policy and Masters in Development Management also got exited to write her reflection as below: Marriage in India is considered to be a beautiful custom uniting not just two individuals but two families. I recently got married and walked into a new family. We have a traditional Indian joint family. Woah !!! I know what you’re thinking (how do you manage). But you will know as the story unfolds. Me being a very unconventional individual been brought up unconventionally doing anything traditionalwas a milky way away for me. But somethings are pleasantly destined I guess. I am an only child so as you may understand adjusting with a new family is a tough cookie. Everyone uses everyone’s everything. From your books to your bed and even your bathroom is a tragedy of commons. When your super new, all small things seem to bebig. Like from your food habit’s to sleep timing’s are dictated mostly by the timetable the family has been following for the same for the past 30 years preceding your entry. You seem like a lost owl in the family of penguin’s. Trying to /nd your own. Hence the /rst thing I thought aboutwriting in my quarantine diary was about family. We are a family of six. My mother-in-law, my brother-in-law, his wife, their 8 year old daughter, my husband and me. All three women in my house including me are working women hence our lives until now were dictated being away from home for a certain amount of time like all others in the family. And all of us are really distinct personalities who like to do really diferent things to pass our time. I really consider myself to be lucky to have entered such a generous family who have been inclusive in their behavior towards me. Be it my choices in the arrangement of the furniture or my choice of food, they make it a point to at least try it once. So when began the epic tale of the quarantine we charted out the food menu /rst (yes we are a family of foodies). And everyone took turns to cook the dish they suggested over days. After day one we realized the importance of house help as they could not make it to do the daily chores. So our eight year old sprung up and said “I will mop the floor” and gave birth to the distribution of work equally amongst all the ffamily members. Day 3 food coma was taking over and lethargy was slowly but steadily creeping in. And came to the rescue my brother-in-law, a national level basketball player who drove us all to the gym on the upper floor and gave us an individual exercise chart. While my mother-in-law watered the plants whilst explain us distinct features and life cycles of each of them. Yes of course my husband played the DJ to motivate us and after exhaustion came in the surprise. My eight year old niece said lets play cricket because she had nothing else to do apart from being sous chef to all. And so giving in to her wishes we all played and did rather well. Since we had been doing so much through the days we end the day with of course a big bowl of Dessert. This reason I wrote this rather long story is to say how simple and really small things that aren’t worth much gave me so much joy. How easily it eased me into this new household made me feel like a part of it. It made me realize a single child the importance of community. Yes its true, it does take a village to grow a child but it also takes a village to and the deep seeded happiness within you. To glow in nothingness without material and brands and fancy nothings that have become everything for us in this world of fast. We’ve reached mars faster than our own heart. This compulsory pause has helped me certainly come close to myself and what drives me. Hope it does the same to all.

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