Factually Speaking

Factually Speaking

30 March. Today I met the Health Minister of Government of Maharashtra to discuss the status of corona infection, preparedness and the challenges to address the issues in the state of Maharashtra. Had a meaningful discussion. I must putforth my appreciation on behalf of the citizens of the state towards him and his entire team who are seriously with sensitivity working to arrest the growth of corona virus. Today almost 27 days are over after the first case entered Pune city in Maharashtra. Till today the multiplying factor has not crossed 1.13 which is additive. I asked the Minister what measures you have taken since the first case arrived in Maharashtra. His humble answer was tha we patiently took stepwise decision from one week after the first case entered Maharashtra. Off course majority of the people supported our decisions. The decisions include: to quarantine those who were potential infected came from outside the country, making government hospitals ready to deal with such cases, training to health workers, closing down the malls, requested corporates to allow their employees to work from home, closing down schools, colleges and universities, postponing examinations, initially calling only fifty percent of the government employees to the office, later only five percent were called for work, reducing public transport, lockdown till 31st March etc. Chief Minister, Health Minister, Home Minister and other concern Ministers of the state were doing their bit and also comming on the television to make appeal to the people. All these decisions within first 16 to 17 days. On 19th March the Prime Minister appered on television to address the citizens to make an appeal to nation to follow one day Janata(People’s) curfew on 22nd March. It was successful except few incidences. But as the number of infected cases were increasing and few people were not understanding he had to come again and announce total lockdown for 21 days in the entire country. There are few lapses but unexpectedly the State and central governments are working with full efforts. Only people will have to have patience and they need to co-operate with the government for their own sake. The country otherwise have many challenges. Might be because of the stepwise interventions and majority of the people’s support the number of infected people till today(fingers crossed) has shown linear increase. There may be other reason for these reduced number is, less number of people who came forward or the government could trace them for infection test. I may be wrong rather I should be wrong in making this statement. In addition to this Civil societies and corporates are supporting the Government financially and in other ways. In last 27 days india has not crossed 1250 whereas some countries cross more than 20000 in the same period. Our situation is more challenging because there are around 25% illiterates and poor people. The Government shall take care of their basic needs during this period. Government is trying their level best.

I can’t end without appreciating the doctor’s, health workers’, police personnel all human resources in essential services, helping corporates, NGO’sO and off course all law abiding patient people seating at home in this lockdown. I pray God to educate those who are, may be out of fear or out of innocence or out of arrogance or out of over confidence not following the protocol/ instructions of the government, at the earliest.

Jay Jagat!

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