27th March I thought only Indian’s are unprepared and casual…

Since the last two days I have mostly been watching television, going through whatsapp posts and reading the available literature on Covid 19. While reflecting on the number of infected cases, active cases, recovered cases and number of deaths all over the world, especially in the developed countries like USA, Italy, Spain, UK and others, I realised that these countries initially took corona virus rather casually. Only later did they take it seriously. But by that time the virus had already shown its true colours and the infection increased rapidly; in some cases exponentially. I think we all were in a state of mind known as ‘knowledge illusion’ i.e. we know everything. However, in one go the virus has brought all of us on ground; in fact, literally brought us to our knees!  Now, in order to save mankind and for the sake of humanity, we must change our approach towards the world in which we are living. We need to control the speed with which we are approaching ‘growth’ without realising ‘development’. This is a big lesson to all of us. It is telling us, “now or never”! The Corona virus has truly acted as an eye-opener regarding the preparedness of our health systems. The mounting anger and the frustration of the people is visible in various news paper reports and several articles in magazines and journals. Prior to the Covid 19 outbreak, various governments the world over were taking pride in their health systems – not only health care, but also disaster mitigation. Now people are asking questions to these very governments: where are the systems?This is the time to wake up

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