Welcome & Goodbye

We began this blog in March 2020, with hopes that we would see out the end of the pandemic. It is now December 2021, and the Omicron variant is sweeping the world. There are some signs that it might be less virulent and borders are opening in some countries, but there is a long way to go before Covid-19 is merely a dose of ‘flu’. The profound effects of Covid-19 on the world will take time to understand.

This diary of the effects of Covid-19 was an attempt to record something of these extraordinary times from many points of view from 8 different countries. It came from a realisation that this might help us to comprehend something of what was happening in our own lives, in our small part of the world and to share what others are experiencing. We had a mix of professions: social historians, novelists, a retired doctor, a nurse, a scenario builder, a university professor and others

So, this is goodbye to our supporters. Thank you to those who took the trouble to read our heartfelt stories and to the writers who shared their world.

The blog will remain here for a little while. Just because it can.